What to expect as a travel player

Updated Friday March 9, 2018 by Soccer.

What to Expect As a Travel Soccer Player

Members of a travel soccer team play year-round with seasonal breaks during the winter and summer.  While the official start of the soccer year is August 1, tryouts usually happen in March and April. 

After tryouts, teams start to train together in late May or early June.  During the late spring and summer months, teams can play in multiple tournaments. The number of tournaments throughout the year can depend on the team. Some teams can participate in as many as 5 tournaments each year.

During the late summer, teams start to prepare for their fall league season.  Most teams participate in a week-long team camp.  BUSC/CBAA also has summer camps to help condition and ready your player for the upcoming season.

There are two primary league seasons in Eastern Pennsylvania, one in the fall and one in the spring.  Teams usually play 10 league games in the fall. The fall league usually starts the weekend after Labor Day.  Also in the fall, Columbus Day weekend is typically set aside for tournament play. 

In wintertime, many travel teams play or train at one of the indoor facilities in our area and may enter some indoor tournaments.  Our club also offers futsal and Speed, Agility and Quickness clinics during this month.

During the spring season, teams play between 8 – 10 league games, which go until early June.  Also during the spring, teams are encouraged to play in the Eastern Pennsylvania State Cups. 

Our club’s annual tournament – ‘March Into Cups’, is in March (rain date May) which all of our teams participates and also volunteer, as it is our major fundraiser

Memorial Day Weekend is a popular time for soccer tournaments.  Once the last game in June is played, we start everything over again for the following year.

What to expect as a Travel Soccer Parent

Buckingham United is part of Central Bucks Athletic Association, a 501C-3 non-profit, youth sports organization.  BUSC knows that the parents are our players' biggest fans and relies on this support beyond the playing field.  We also know that travel sports have become very expensive.  BUSC relies on our club-wide fundraising with our March into Cups (MiC) Annual Tournament. This tournament is major fundraiser that keeps our registration and player costs at a minimum.  All teams are expected to volunteer during the tournament in some capacity as well as a club wide volunteer role - which is typically 6 hours a year.    A buy out is available for the club volunteering but not for the MIC tournament.

The Player Registration Fee encompasses field usage and rentals, player insurance, general liability insurance, Eastern PA Youth Soccer Association fees, League(Delco EDP, ICSL,etc) team fees, field Insurance (COIs), volunteer background checks and clearances, CBAA administrative cost allocation(includes website, scheduling and registration systems), professional services for Herbst Facility such as turf maintenance, septic, electricity, water, bathroom cleaning services, trash and recycling and more.

Annual registration does not include the official adidas player kit.  Uniform purchase information will be sent out shortly after teams are formed. All players are required to purchase a uniform. Other player apparel is also available for purchase, such as a backpack, warm up, training tees, socks etc. 

Each team has a team parent acting as the team manager, and a team parent acting at the team treasurer.  Each BUSC team controls their annual budget and team fees.  Each BUSC team controls their annual budget and team fees and will receive guidance from the Director of Finance. Individual team monies are collected equally among the players and include, but are not limited to:  professional trainers, indoor training costs, tournament fees, additional team equipment, additional team uniform and miscellaneous other expenditures.